Review: Download Melbet App for Free on All Smartphones

Most users prefer to bet on sporting events via their smartphone. This does not bind a person to one place but allows them to always be mobile.

The famous Melbet service offers users to download an updated betting app, which has been redesigned to improve optimization and develop a 100% clear and intuitive interface.

Features of Melbet App

Many people wonder how much the Melbet App version differs from the feature-rich website. The developers’ task was to ensure that players do not experience any restrictions when using Melbet on their phones. As you know, on the site the user gets access to more than 200 LIVE events daily and 1000 sports matches on one line. In the software for phones similar functionality is preserved. The key difference is only in the interface. Less informative images and banners were removed and replaced by a minimalistic interface with a minimized menu, the possibility to select events, track forecasts and make bets with a single click.

The Melbet application is fully integrated with the devices with different display sizes, from the small smartphones of the past generations to tablets with displays up to 10.1 inches.

Melbet Android App

Melbet’s software is available in .apk format. The size of the app is less than 20 megabytes, allowing it to be installed even on past generations of devices without a large memory footprint. It is supported for devices with an operating system of 4.1 or higher.

If you are ready to download the Melbet app on your mobile phone just use the link and push the “Download” button on the page:

Interface Overview

When you first open it, you will be prompted to enter the registration data with your username and password. If the account is already registered, it is enough to perform authorization to go to the main screen with functions. If not, it takes up to 2 minutes for a quick registration.

After that, the user gets access to bets with the ability to instantly replenish the account from the selected payment system.

Features of functionality:

  • Instant identification by fingerprint (if you have this function on your smartphone); Easy tracking of the odds of events on the line;
  • Fast transition to personal statistics with the connection of notifications;
  • Unlimited selection of events and types of bets.

Melbet Application for iPhone

If you have an iPhone or iPad, you can also download Melbet for free through the App Store service if your device is running iOS 9.3 or higher. It weighs a little less than 100 megabytes.

Logging in from your mobile gives the user access to a unique selection of events, regular sports lotteries, over 100 types of competitions and high odds. There is nothing superfluous on the main screen. Only the menu for selecting events, tracking personal statistics, depositing and withdrawing money, and opening LIVE or Express bets in one click!

Conclusion: What the user says

There are more positive reviews of the bookmaker’s app for online betting on the web than negative ones. Bettors praise the Melbet application for its high speed and user-friendly interface. The rating in the App Store is 3.7. Many players like the presence of alerts on made bets, as well as the possibility of two-factor authorization. This increases the security of the game and almost 100% excludes hacking and leakage of personal information.