A Brief History Of The Smartphone Evolution

smartphone evolution

People were bored and lonely in the past before mobile phones existed. They couldn’t talk to friends or family without leaving their homes for a phone call—and even then, they weren’t sure if they’d show up! Bar fights broke out because there was nothing else exciting going on in town, while jobs came to an end with someone shouting “I suppose we’ll never know!”

In today’s interconnected society, where everyone has access to anything from anywhere using their mobile devices, employees may work remotely while numerous applications assist individuals in filing taxes correctly every year; trash-talking opponents via texts becomes a lot easier than ever since you can do a simple study task and find all the answers you need to unlock your smartphone and send a text message.


Martin Cooper, a Motorola employee in Manhattan standing near the company’s new base station at 900MHz. He dials up an old friend from Bell Labs and they begin talking about how it changed society forever.

The smartphone is a device that has completely revolutionized the way we think and work. The smartphone was first introduced in 1994, but it didn’t gain widespread use until 2007 when Apple released their now-famous iPhone which paved the way for all other smartphone manufacturers to follow suit with touchscreen technology. Since then, smartphones have only continued to evolve as time goes on—and so does technology! We’re constantly striving for improvement in our own company culture by utilizing the latest software available. Just like how desktop computers were used primarily for personal reasons before they became more widely adopted at workplaces and schools, smartphones will continue to do just this: change how people function at home and work. Smartphones are much more than electronic gadgets; studies have found that smartphone owners are in a permanent state of connection with their smartphones. The smartphone is evolving into a required resource for daily life—just like the desktop computer once was!

The smartphone is on the verge of becoming more than just a mobile device. With 5G networks predicted for 2020, it promises life-changing technologies like real time telemedicine and virtual reality training that could make smartphones become your next work computer or even build supercomputers out of them! Nobody knows what future devices will be better than Apple with their Simon line up every year but whatever they come up with are always incredible and creative!

Why smartphone evolution is important

Ever since smartphone evolution began, Apple has been at the forefront of making new products that have changed how we work and play. From being able to do amazing things with apps like Uber to talking face-to-face on FaceTime, it’s no wonder smartphone evolution is a thing! With smartphone evolution promising more power than ever before for our devices, who knows what will happen in 2020? All I know is if you don’t already own an iPhone now would be the time to get one as technology gets better all around us every day!

Some say the future of smartphones is bleak, predicting that this small device will soon lose relevance. But with new technologies emerging at breakneck speed and innovations being created daily by innovators in Silicon Valley or Hollywood’s Campsie Hills who are always coming up with ways for us to connect even more closely than before-the possibilities are endless!